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By helping to unclog aging toxins and flood skin with essential, youth-giving nutrition, OMI’s results are truly transformative. We call them our ‘Oh My!’ results after what we heard from women across the country:

In a matter of days my skin began to look more youthful – smoother, more elastic and with less visible lines

- Marie-Laure Potter, 44 Click to read more

Even after 5 days my deeper lines had visibly lifted and there was a glow I hadn’t seen in a long time

- Stephanie Hooper, 37 Click to read more

My skin is smoother, my lines are less noticeable, my glow is back!

- Katie Elksnis, 48 Click to read more

My skin is firmer, it’s brighter, and my crows feet are visibly reduced!

- Daniell Tritt, 51 Click to read more

My skin is less dry and I’ve got fewer fine lines but the biggest difference is how I feel – I got ‘me’ back

- Jackie Culver, 50 Click to read more

Before using the products I was very tired of the lines around my eyes and the multiple wrinkles I had. My skin is combination so it doesn’t dry out too much but those wrinkles – nothing shifted them!

Then I tried OMI. I loved the consistency of the products – they were hydrating but not greasy and instantly they made my skin feel so refreshed and healthy.

And it’s amazing but in just a matter of days my skin began to look more youthful. It was smoother and more elastic and I started to see my wrinkles soften and my lines lessen. I wouldn’t believe it could happen so quickly but the products and getting the right nutrition for my skin really make me feel so good - inside as well as outside…

- Marie-Laure Potter, 44

Before using the products I was really frustrated with my wrinkles and fine lines on my forehead – I tried so many products and nothing seemed to make a difference.

When I started using the products I saw a difference almost immediately. My visible pores seemed to go away right away and there was a definite change in the tone of my skin so almost immediately I started wearing less make-up

And then over time my skin just got smoother. I noticed my fine lines and wrinkles reduced, even after five days my deeper lines had visibly lifted and there was a glow I hadn’t seen in a long time. If I can see this difference so quickly I’m really excited to see the difference in the long term!

- Stephanie Hooper, 37

‘Before using the products I was really unhappy with how dull my skin was. I would catch myself in the mirror and my skin would look so tired and old, I hated it. More than anything I wanted to get my glow back.

When I heard about OMI it made total sense to me – my skin was missing the nutrition it needed, no wonder it was struggling!

After using the products I’ve been so much happier with the glow my skin has. The color is so much better now, my skin is smoother, my lines are less noticeable. The best bit – for the first time in a long time I feel confident without make-up!

- Katie Elksnis, 48

When I started using the products my skin was blotchy, uneven and saggy with crows feet around my eyes – it made me feel old!

From the first day using the products I loved how they felt on my skin. They made it feel hydrated but they weren’t greasy so I really liked how they went on under my make-up and I loved the fragrance – it just felt so clean.

And in such a short time what a difference! I noticed my skin is firmer, it’s brighter, more hydrated and glowing, and my crows feet are visibly reduced. It makes me feel more confident – radiant, even

- Daniell Tritt, 51

When I turned 50, I really noticed that my skin just started looking haggard. It didn’t have that youthful, exuberant look that matched my personality the way it used to – my outside didn’t match how I felt inside anymore, and that really started to get me down.

I loved how simple using the products was so I didn’t need to spend a huge amount of time on my skin in the morning and I really loved how they felt – for the first time the cleanser didn’t make my skin feel dry, its like putting on a moisturizer.

After using the products my skin is less dry, I’ve got fewer fine lines and my glow is back but what’s even more amazing is how it’s made me feel – I wasn’t feeling super confident and would look away when people would look my way and now I look at everyone and greet them with a great big smile!

- Jackie Culver, 50


I was surprised at the transformation OMI was able to generate in the skin of the women we studied. By working from the outside AND inside in only 5 days we saw:

A significant reduction in the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

A significant improvement in skin firmness and smoothness

A significant reduction in the size and occurrence of dark spots

And furthermore what is so impressive is how consistently we saw the results:

100% of the women tested showed a significant improvement in the severity of their wrinkles

90% showed a significant improvement in their dark spots.

But what is perhaps most telling is not only did our evaluators see a significant reduction in the clinical parameters of aging – the subjects saw such a marked reduction in skin aging they felt years younger in only 5 days.

– Dr. Michael Bernhardt,
MD Dermatologist


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I never thought I would be saying this about skin care products. I have been using some
    of your creams and serums for almost two months now. I can tell a difference in how my
    skin looks and feels. It is amazing. I am 67 years old. My skin looks young, bright, glowing
    and my lines are very much less noticeable.

    I use a multiple of three products each day. I have fair skin and am prone to age spots. I
    use: Revitalize Get Even Day Cream, Revitalize Perfectly Even Correction Serum and the Renew Wrinkle-Lifting Power Serum. I mix all three together and put on my face. I can really tell a difference. I sometimes get amazed at how good and fresh and new my skin looks. Very even toned. I appreciate these products very much.

    I am also using the Renew Intense Firming Sleep-in Mask and the Revitalize Pigment-
    Lifting Night Cream. I feel they are also helping my skin look and feel younger.

    I highly recommend these products.

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